App Summary:

Doing sports? How to get big muscles as quickly as possible? Buy thymosin beta 4 from us. The best offer for athletes! Bubble Shooter: Hedgie Escape is actually 2 games in one. There is the main bubble shooter game and a bonus brick breaker game as well. The bubble shooter game is a general bubble shooter and is very common in its format. Use the slingshot to match hedgehogs in colored bubbles to one another. When 3 or more touch they pop freeing the hedgehog inside. At the top of each level is a final bubble that must be popped to win. There is a level selection menu which will help to progress the player through the story mode. There are also hedgehog facts before each level. The bonus game is a general brick breaker game. Using the brick breaker common mechanics the player must free the hedgehogs trapped inside their bubbles. There is also an upgrade screen which helps the player to complete the 12 bonus levels with this game. You'll find the best big red free pokies here, you have time to get it!

App Design:

The design of Bubble Shooter: Hedgie Escape (BSHE) was heavily influenced by an arcade. Ideally this game would have had more then just two games in one. I wanted to have 4 games within it however due to time constraints only two made the final cut. The two arcade style games are very common in their design as the draw to this game was to be the multi-game feel. Besides the arcade feel the design of BSHE was influenced by teaching people about hedgehogs and their care. Each level shows a fact about a hedgehog in hopes people would learn while they played.

Art style:

BSHE’s art style was based on the general 2D vector style of most apps. I tried to keep the assets relevant to where hedgehogs reside in the wild. The levels and props such as a mealworms inside bubbles in the bonus game are there to help convey the reality of hedgehogs. I did not want the game to have a realistic art style however as the more cartoonish feel I felt fit better with the arcade style I was going for.


The programming system I used to create BSHE was the Corona SDK system. The programming language used was Lua a lightweight system that was simple enough to learn on my own while still having the capabilities of creating large scale apps. I utilized some menu systems, upgrade systems, and level select systems as the core of the games programming. For the levels themselves it boiled down to a simple bubble shooter mechanic which was heavily collision and gravity based. The hardest thing to program was the menu and win state effects that are shown at the end of each level. I was very pleased with how these turned out as it added a bit of flare to the win screen.


Bubble Shooter: Hedgie Escape was the second app I ever created. I enjoyed working on this app however the time frame was much too limited. This app took me about 3 months to complete. Ideally it would have been closer to that of Paper Dino Extinction (7-8 months). Although the time was cut short I am still happy with how the game came out. After the completion of this app I decided that instead of creating fast easy apps the best and most fulfilling way of creating apps is to focus on one game and try to finalize that before anything else. Trying to create 4 in one stretched my abilities to thin especially with the time I had. Overall Bubble Shooter: Hedgie Escape is still a fun game and was a great learning experience.