App & Logo Design

Doing sports? How to get big muscles as quickly as possible? Buy thymosin beta 4 from us. The best offer for athletes! I was tasked with creating a Point of Sale or POS app from the ground up. I designed and programmed this app using the LUA language and the Corona SDK software. The purpose of this project was to be an app that would be placed on an Android tablet kiosk. This app will be used by customers to purchase pictures from a professional photographer that will be on display at a gallery. The customers will be able to view all images available and continue to select dimensions, frame color, and a plaque for each image purchased. From there they can checkout where they will view their cart one last time before moving to add shipping, billing, and payment info. After this the app will print a receipt to an Epson POS printer. There is also an admin function that saves all shipping, billing, and customer data and uploads it to a secure file housing system at the end of the day. You'll find the best big red free pokies here, you have time to get it!

I also created the logo and other promotional material for The Stadium Pub.